Weekly Game Music: Setting Sail, Coming Home (Bastion)

Third on my Christmas video game music rush has some lyrics!  Set Sail, Coming Home is Darren Korb’s excellent combination of his 2 other music,Mother, I’m Here and Build That Wall, both featured prominently in the game,Bastion.  In context, this song depicts the decision of taking on a new direction in life.  It does a great job conveying a hopeful but mysterious and unnerving outlook on the future ahead.

Bastion begins right after a catastrophic event know as the Calamity, where every land is torn apart and nothing is held on solid ground.  The player directs the Kid, while Rulf the engineer narrates every action he takes.  They both work hard to get Rulf’s time-reverting machine, Bastion, back up and working.

Bastion plays like a top-down action RPG where the Kid switches between a variety of different weaponry, all with well-calculated pros and cons.  At any one point, the Kid can carry two, along with 2 special attacks.  The enemies you encounter are varied, and require different tactics to kill, thus requiring a lot of wit from the player to take out efficiently.

Bastion was released on 2011 for the Xbox 360.  It’s also available on Google Chrome’s Webstore, PC, Mac, Linux, and Steam.

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