Weekly Game Music: Zombies on Your Lawn (Plants vs Zombies)

Last on my Christmas video game music rush is full of zombies.  Literally.  Laura Shigihara’s Zombies on Your Lawn does an incredible job describing PopCap’s tower defense game, Plants vs Zombies.  Get ready defend against those zombies, especially those with helmets, screen doors, and…butter on its head?

Plants vs Zombies doesn’t even bother to explain its ridiculous premise: you’ve got zombies approaching your house, and only your garden of animated plants can save you.  So, yeah, plant a lot of flowers that shoots pellets at these undeads, and make sure they never reach your front door.

Plants vs Zombies was released on 2009 for the PC and Mac.  It was later ported to the iOS, Android, Windows 8, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo DS, and Playstation Vita.

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