Weekly Game Music: Reclaiming the Island (The Oil Blue)

Second on my Christmas video game music rush is a much more mellow music from The Oil Blue.  Reclaiming the Island by Jonathon Geer is a calming music for a game about digging oil, and retaining a level head as one operates a dangerous machinery.

The Oil Blue describes a plausible future where oil becomes scarcer, and people are making a mad dash at taking over islands and digging up for more oil.  As an oil miner yourself, you have to keep track of where you’re going to dig, how you’re going to operate the machinery’s intricate buttons and levers, and finally deciding on the price for the liquid gold you’ve just mined.  Money you make can be used to purchase new power-ups to increase the productivity of your mines.

The Oil Blue was released on the PC in 2012.

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