Weekly Game Music: Organ Smash (Iji)

New week (at least, in the US), new music. Here’s a music from IjiOrgan Smash by Chris Geehan and Dan Byrne-McCullough. I’ve mentioned Iji in the Strange Free Games series, and I do recommend playing this very fun game!

Iji was released in 2010 for the PC. It can be played on Daniel Rumar’s website.

Iji, a simple and brave girl, and her family ventures her brother’s science laboratory. Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a story unless a bunch of aliens invaded earth, right? During the invasion, Iji is knocked unconscious, and throughout this state, Dan reconstructs her body as a super-soldier from the invader’s technology. When she wakes up, Iji is ordered by Dan to negotiate with the invaders for peace.

Iji plays like Gears of War RPG in 2D. Iji can duck under cover to avoid enemy fire, while shooting, jumping, kicking and even hacking enemies to submission. Various stats can be upgraded on your character, including hacking, kicking, shooting, and armor skills. In addition, you can collect a healthy number of guns that you can fuse together to make a more powerful beast. Finally, Iji has multiple endings, encouraging a lot of replay.

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