Weekly Game Music: Fluffy Sweet (Cloud)

Oh, jolly. I completely forgot about posting a music for this week. How about some soothing music, for a change? Here’s Fluffy Sweet, composed by Vincent Diamante for the student game, Cloud. It was a catapult to ThisGameCompany’s inception and proceeding game creations with similar themes.

Cloud is a freely downloadable PC game released in 2005. You can download it here.

Cloud describes a bed-ridden boy who’s “brought back to life” as a flying spirit that collects clouds. With it, the games leads you through several different missions, including creating cloud formations, calming storms, and raining on necessary patches of land. It’s a simple story about the joy of flight.

From a gameplay perspective, Cloud controls like an extremely relaxed free-roaming star-fighter game. As the spirit, you fly towards a patch of cloud to collect it, and have it follow you as you gather more. Since the clouds will lag a little bit, you’re forced to proceed in a slower manner. The said clouds can be stored and released, however, whenever you feel like it.


Title: First Flight
Game: Cloud
Composer: Vincent Diamante

Title: Cycling
Game: Cloud
Composer: Vincent Diamante


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