Strange Free Games: Small Worlds

Whoops, a little late today. Here’s another flash game that’s all about exploration. Created as an entry for Casual Gameplay Design Competition, Small Worlds is a pixelated platformer that involves exploring a seemingly small world. Small, until the fog moves away to reveal the larger, shocking premises, that is.

Small Worlds can be played in your browser at the site below:

“There is too much noise.” A strange and surreal way to start a story. As a 3-pixel high character, you traverse through each world that slowly reveals a scene: an after-math of a certain event. Since the story lacks any other narrative, however, the player must come up with their own conclusion in what the game meant, and what each landscape stood for.

Despite this ambiguity, it’s atmospheric gameplay is intriguing. Nothing can kill the 3-pixel character, so you can explore at your own pace. The character can merely move and jump, but by doing so, your width of vision increases. As a consequence, the game begs for exploration, even to dead-ends, as more and more of the stage is revealed.


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