Strange Free Games: Mega Mash: 7-in-1 Game Cart

Do you guys remember ROM CHECK FAIL? Had fun with it? Then you’re definitely going to enjoy this quirky flash game: Mega Mash: 7-in-1 Game Cart (shortened to Mega Mash)!

Mega Mash can be played on your browser at Nitrome’s website

Like ROM CHECK FAILMega Mash starts with the poor player attempting to play the game, but the cart ends up all glitchy. As a consequence, you’ll play as a bipedal-rabbit hopping for carrots, then shift to a spaceship firing aliens, then into a treasure hunter dropping bombs, and so forth. Unlike ROM CHECK FAIL, the game plays it safe: all the game references are covered by the developer’s own artwork, instead of using the old-school graphics.

Mega Mash combines the gameplay of different games via “zones.” That is, when a character jumps into the space zone, it turns into a spaceship. Likewise, if you jump into a Tetris zone, you’ll start playing Tetris within that limited area. As such, Mega Mash plays like a 2D platforming puzzle game. Different gameplay to assist your puzzle solving includes: Super Mario Bros.GradiusBombermanTetrisBionic CommandoBalloon Fight, and Breakout.

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