Strange Free Games: Dys4ia

New week, new game. What would an auto-biographic game would be like? An interesting question to consider, and this short flash game might have an answer. Dys4ia is a recount of a transsexual game designer, describing her experience in becoming a woman.

Dys4ia can be played at

Dys4ia is described as a simulation, a recount of how the designer came to her decision. It begins with how the designer came to her decision, and the lack of comfort felt at the current state. As the game progresses, the designer — and by extension, the player — faces numerous roadblocks, including the search for a physician, dealing with pre-conditions, and getting used to the transformation.

Dys4ia is, I admit, a very simple game. Despite this, though, the gameplay deliberately makes you feel confused and uncomfortable. Added with the disturbing music and flashy graphics, the game has an uncertain and momentous feel to yet. By the end, the final quote feels significant: “It’s a small thing, but I feel like I’ve taken the first steps towards something tremendous.”

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