Strange Free Games: Unmanned

Taking the words right out of Metal Gear Solid 4, “War has changed.” Here’s another game from La Molleindustria that brings this topic to light. It’sUnmanned, and as its title implies, is a short flash game about unmanned aerial vehicles used for war.

Unmanned can be played right on your browser, or downloaded on Windows or Mac at La Molleindustria’s website.

Unmanned is an eery, disconnecting visual novel that employs split-screen to convey dialog. You guide Chris, an unmanned aerial vehicle pilot set to spy on a suspect at a middle-eastern desert. His life is probably the most accurate depiction of a soldier’s life in combat: it’s boring. Even when you accomplish your mission, it’s unceremonious.

Yet, the game makes you think. It contrasts from the first-person shooters, making it clear war isn’t glorified or fun at all. It makes you go through the typical documented procedures, then makes you consider whether that procedure is too loose or not. Perhaps most scariest of all, it questions Chris’ sanity as a pilot, with the excellent intro depicting his xenophobic tendencies.

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