Weekly Game Music: Vinelle Island (Fantasy Earth Zero)

New week, new music. A few weeks ago, I’ve mentioned a Flash-based MMORPG with excellent music. This time, I’ll talk about a now-defunct MMORPG that, unfortunately, nobody can play anymore. Here’s Vinelle Island by Hitoshi Sakimoto. It’s from Fantasy Earth Zero.

Fantasy Earth Zero is a fantasy-based versus game that involves taking over other kingdom (teams). It’s a strange mix of real-time strategy and action-RPG. Like real-time strategy games, the players must collect resources called crystals at designated locations. Collecting enough crystals allows players to create infrastructures or summon units to take control of.

Like Action RPGs, there’s a controlled level system with a hard limit. Like console RPGs, Fantasy Earth Zero requires that you control your character directly. In addition, attacks must be aimed and executed manually. As such, the game requires immediate attention and reaction to heated battles.

Fantasy Earth Zero was released by Square Enix in 2006. While it has been released in the US in 2010, the game has been defunct and unplayable for over an year.

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