Weekly Game Music: Jeremy (Granado Espada)

New week, new music.  We need…more MMORPG music!  Here’s Jeremy from Sword 2 (or Granado Espada outside of North America and Europe).  It’s composed by a group of South Korean composers, known as S.F.A.  The dramatic crescendo best portrays the wonders of discovering a new world.

Sword 2 is free-to-play at GamersFirst.com.

Sword 2 is loosely based off of the European colonization on the North American continent.  In the mist of a losing war, the king of Opoluto commands the explorers to Gilbert Granado and Ferrucio Espada to find an ocean route to get its upper hand on its enemies.  Instead, they find a new land, Granado Espada.  The discovery was a big surprise…for the enemy countries.  Soon, many nationalistic people ventures to this new land of hope, not letting the monster-infested land get in the way of their desire for power.

Sword 2 plays similar to the World of Warcraft: click to attack enemies, collect loot, gain experience points, etc.  It does, however, have one distinct twist: instead of controlling one character, you can control up to 3.  This allows for some neat party system, such as allowing the player to devote one character into healing without the need to be defended by their friends.  Surprisingly, this makes it an engrossing experience for even people preferring to play as the lone warrior.

Sword 2 was released on the PC in 2007.

Weekly Game Music: Above the Treetops

Goodness, I keep forgetting about this.  Better late than never: I’ve got yet another MMORPG music for all of you.  Here’s Above the Treetops from ultra-popular MapleStory.  Unfortunately, the name of the composer(s) seems elusive at the moment, but enjoy the mellow tune as it is.

You can play the game for free at Maplestory’s website.

The plot of MapleStory is a simple one: the Black Mage, once sealed by 5 legendary heroes, has unfortunately re-awakened!  As the knight of the Maple World, you must fight!  Cue all the cute monsters that tries to rock your level 1 boat.

The gameplay is a little more interesting.  Much like Legend of Zelda II ,MapleStory is a 2D side-scrolling RPG, with some light platforming.  As with the MMORPG tradition, the collectible weapons and character costumes significantly spices up the action.  Any player should be able to find their most ideal play style, whether it’d be short-range, brute-force brawler style or long-range, tactical style.

MapleStory was released on the PC in 2005.  Offspring versions exists on the Nintendo DS and, oddly enough, Facebook.

Strange Free Games: Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online

New week, new game. Lets talk about an MMORPG, shall we? Here’s one addicting, but queer RPG called Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online. Why queer? Well, for a Japanese anime inspired game, the visuals are oddly gothic and religiously offensive. Unusual to this genre, the game even has some cinema-scenes, too. And the most interesting part? It plays a little likePokémon.

Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online can be downloaded at Aeria Games.

Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online starts off in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo, where the city has been leveled by demons. As the typical MMORPG trope, you are a Demon Buster, one trained to fight against demons. While investigating a ruin, your leader takes a significant blow as a gigantic demon emerges. You’re rescued, barely alive, and decide to take some vengeance against this boss.

It wouldn’t be a Shin Megami Tensei game, however, if you couldn’t befriend these demons. As luck may have it, you have a talent to convince demons to join your cause, and have them fight alongside with you. Some NPCs are demons themselves, proving once and for all how resilient the human species are.

Weekly Game Music: Vinelle Island (Fantasy Earth Zero)

New week, new music. A few weeks ago, I’ve mentioned a Flash-based MMORPG with excellent music. This time, I’ll talk about a now-defunct MMORPG that, unfortunately, nobody can play anymore. Here’s Vinelle Island by Hitoshi Sakimoto. It’s from Fantasy Earth Zero.

Fantasy Earth Zero is a fantasy-based versus game that involves taking over other kingdom (teams). It’s a strange mix of real-time strategy and action-RPG. Like real-time strategy games, the players must collect resources called crystals at designated locations. Collecting enough crystals allows players to create infrastructures or summon units to take control of.

Like Action RPGs, there’s a controlled level system with a hard limit. Like console RPGs, Fantasy Earth Zero requires that you control your character directly. In addition, attacks must be aimed and executed manually. As such, the game requires immediate attention and reaction to heated battles.

Fantasy Earth Zero was released by Square Enix in 2006. While it has been released in the US in 2010, the game has been defunct and unplayable for over an year.

Weekly Game Music: The Village Green (zOMG)

Next up in my library of game music: Gaia Online. Yup I’m talking about that game-centric online community. I can only expect a lot of flaming between opinionated internet users, but first, lets put our differences behind and enjoy the music. It’s so good, even I took interest in the game it came from, zOMG, despite its ridiculous name. Here’s The Village Green, by Jeremy Soule.

zOMG is playable online, and even better, doesn’t require registration to get a good demo out of it.

zOMG is a flash-based MMORPG, intended to be smoothly integrated to the Gaia Online website. As such, your avatar’s gender, clothes, and accessories carry over to this stylized world. zOMG starts with you just getting off the train into the Village Greens. Quite immediately, you learn that all the inanimate objects have come to life…for the worst. It’s up to you to find what’s behind this mystery.

Like most MMORPGs, zOMG doesn’t have a strong focus in story, and certain quests end up conflicting in details (though it’s clear several of them are lies). Similarly, the combat is the basic point-and-click-to-attack fare. Unlike most MMORPGs, however, there are no weapons, armor, or heck, even a level-up system. Instead, you collect special rings that provides you different power and abilities. This includes swords, guns, magic, stat-boosts, etc. Furthermore, the combined stats determines what level you’re at.