Weekly Game Music: Prisman Holiday (de Blob 2)

New week, new music. We’ve been talking about PC games for the last 3 weeks, so let’s go back to colorful (pun-intended) console music. Here’sPrisman Holiday from de Blob 2, composed by John Guscott and performed by The Bamboos. It’s a soothing music to compliment the artful game.

de Blob 2 starts when Papa Blanc rigs the general election at Prisma City, so he can win. As his name implies, the new president wipes out all the colors from the city, turning it gray and more gray. Cue De Blob to the rescue, as the ink-absorbing character spreads color back to the city.

de Blob 2 plays like a 3D puzzle-platformer. As De Blob, you must first absorb color inks, then slap you body onto a surface. Frequently, there will be missions that requires De Blob to mix different colors before coloring a certain object. As an example, to color a museum purple, De Blob first needs to find a blue and red ink before slapping himself to the building. Occasionally, De Blob will find secret corridors that will act like classic 2D platforming stages, which has its own set of switch-hitting puzzles.

de Blob 2 was released by THQ in 2011. It’s available on the Wii, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo DS.

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