Weekly Game Music: The Village Green (zOMG)

Next up in my library of game music: Gaia Online. Yup I’m talking about that game-centric online community. I can only expect a lot of flaming between opinionated internet users, but first, lets put our differences behind and enjoy the music. It’s so good, even I took interest in the game it came from, zOMG, despite its ridiculous name. Here’s The Village Green, by Jeremy Soule.

zOMG is playable online, and even better, doesn’t require registration to get a good demo out of it.

zOMG is a flash-based MMORPG, intended to be smoothly integrated to the Gaia Online website. As such, your avatar’s gender, clothes, and accessories carry over to this stylized world. zOMG starts with you just getting off the train into the Village Greens. Quite immediately, you learn that all the inanimate objects have come to life…for the worst. It’s up to you to find what’s behind this mystery.

Like most MMORPGs, zOMG doesn’t have a strong focus in story, and certain quests end up conflicting in details (though it’s clear several of them are lies). Similarly, the combat is the basic point-and-click-to-attack fare. Unlike most MMORPGs, however, there are no weapons, armor, or heck, even a level-up system. Instead, you collect special rings that provides you different power and abilities. This includes swords, guns, magic, stat-boosts, etc. Furthermore, the combined stats determines what level you’re at.

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