Strange Free Games: Iji

Here’s a game that’s not too hard to describe. Imagine Gears of War as a 2D platform shooter, but with the “your enemies are human, too” theme much more heavily emphasized. Imagine, instead of burly men trash talking, you lead a lost super-soldier girl who’s only option is taking orders. And imagine a game, made by one guy, in GameMaker, that’s actually good. Imagine the impossible, and you get Iji.

Iji is downloadable on Daniel Remar’s website.

Iji‘s story starts simple. Iji and her family happened to venture Iji’s brother, Dan’s, science laboratory, when suddenly, the aliens invades earth. Knocked unconscious, Iji wakes up years later as a super-soldier created by Dan. Infused with the invader’s technology, and thus, being able to understand the alien language, Iji attempts to negotiate with the invaders for peace by Dan’s orders. Things become complicated, however, when you start deciphering the many alien accounts in regards to your possibly violent actions.

As mentioned earlier, Iji plays like Gears of War in 2D. Iji can duck under cover to avoid enemy fire, while shooting, jumping, kicking and even hacking enemies to submission. Unlike Gears of WarIji also contains a lot of RPG elements, where you can upgrade your character’s various traits. The game even contains a healthy number of guns that you can fuse together to make a more powerful beast. Finally, Iji has multiple endings, encouraging a lot of replay.

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