Strange Free Games: Left Arrow Moves Left

Away with the flash games, and back to awesome story-telling. Here’s a student project from RPI, Left Arrow Moves Left. It’s a simple platformer where nearly every element of the game are composed of words, including platforms and walls themselves. It’ll occasionally add new items, such as the teleporting bookmark that you can throw with the spacebar. Pressing enter allows you to teleport to that bookmark.

Left Arrow Moves Left can be downloaded here.

Left Arrow Moves Left

Since it’s a student project, Left Arrow Moves Left is very rough on the edges. There’s no saving, and some paths leads to inescapable dead-ends. Despite these flaws, however, the experience is astounding. The words on the platform spell out an intriguing, lonely story. By exploring the story itself, it’s easy to lose yourself in the deep and poetic environment this game creates.

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