Weekly Game Music: Endless Sky (Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles)

Remember Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles? Presumably, all the hardcore Final Fantasy fans greatly disliked the inability to level-up in that game. This, despite the extremely addicting multiplayer, the excellent graphics, and most importantly, poetic music. Without further ado, here’s Endless Sky by Kumi Tanioka.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is a story of 4 strong villagers who venture out to collect a drop of myrrh from the sacred myrrh tree yearly. What does the myrrh drop do? Energizes your village’s crystal, that protects them from the hazardous miasma that encompasses the entire world. The crystal is only able to protect a certain radius, depending on its size. For your company, you only carry one small shard that can cover your caravan. Thus, at least one team member must carry this shard, while the rest stick close to this character as they fend off the enemies.

Unlike the majority of the Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is more like a real-time multiplayer action game than a JRPG. The game required a Gameboy Advance to connect to the Gamecube. The portable device displays your items and traits, thus keeping the information visible only to you. Even though taking and keeping drops from enemies is part of the fun, the game also required precise coordination to combine attacks and spells to a more powerful variant.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles was released for the Gamecube. No other port exists.


Title: Annual Festival
Game: Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
Composer: Kumi Tanioka

Title: Summoned Beast Battle
Game: Final Fantasy X
Composer: Nobuo Uematsu


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