Weekly Game Music: Credits (The Dog Island)

Every once in a while, I find a well-composed music from the least expected places. Case in point? The Credits music from The Dog Island. It’s composed by a huge team: Junko Ozawa, Etsuo Ishii, Minamo Takahashi, Junichi Nakatsuru, Rio Hamamoto, Yoshihito Yano, Tetsuya Uchida, and Tomomitsu Kaneko.

Edit 3/31/13: Apparently the previous video got deleted, so here’s a voiceless walkthrough which contains the credits music.

Lets get the most important detail out of the way: The Dog Island is a children’s game. And the story is depressing. The game first takes place in a small town at the coast of an ocean, populated by speaking dogs with disproportionately large heads. You play as a mute, but loyal dog. With your powerful nose and power claws for digging any surface, you help out your mother tend your sickly younger sibling before trotting off to the town festival. Unwilling to miss the fun, your younger sibling tries to join in the party. But on that faithful night, your sibling (predictably) collapses. Later, the local doctor reveals that your sibling’s disease is only curable by a wise doctor at The Dog Island, but the seas to get there is too dangerous. Even your mother finds this hopeless, exclaiming that your father went missing when he ventured to the same island. Despite the risk, you decide to venture to the The Dog Island to find this very doctor.

The Dog Island is sort of a dowsing game. Each mission involves finding a certain object in the ground, and you use your trusty nose to detect how close you are to the said object. Naturally, since the object are usually underground, you attempt to dig that location to gather it. Each mission provides you a currency that can be traded for accessories to decorate your own character.

The Dog Island was released for the PS2 and Wii.

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