#WeeklyGameMusic: Where the Sun Shines (Suiheisen Made Nan Mile? – Deep Blue Sky & Pure White Wings -)

#WeeklyGameMusic: New week, new music.

Cover Art
Cover art from https://vndb.org/v972

With love up in the air, I had to look for something special.  And now, I’ve found it…in a obscure Japanese visual novel called Suiheisen Made Nan Mile? – Deep Blue Sky & Pure White Wings –!?  Regardless of its hentai origins, this week’s music is incredibly catchy.  I’ll forgive you if the moment you’ve played Where the Sun Shines, a lovely tune by Yasuhisa Watanabe, you started dancing.

So, forgive me for the scarce information, but this is what I can gather about Suiheisen Made Nan Mile? through a few Google searches.  The game is a regular visual novel that focuses on a simple slice-of-life of an average Japanese high school club.  You play as Sorata, an average student and a member in astronomy club.  As it turns out, the student council deems the club unworthy (which, unfortunately for the lazy club members, is a logical conclusion), forcing the members to come up with a ridiculous plan to redeem themselves: compete with the aviation club to pilot electric gliders for a world competition.  And so, their flight begins…

Unfortunately, I was not able to gather what kind of visual novel Suiheisen Made Nan Mile? is.  That is, typically, visual novels can be divided into one of the two categories: choose-your-own-adventure like Katawa Shoujo, or stat building like Long Live the Queen and Hatoful Boyfriend.  Given the (very) few reviews out there that mentions that honing in on which girl (and a guy) to date tends to be easy lends me to believe it’s the former type of game, but I can’t be too sure.  What I can confirm is that, yes, this is another erotic Japanese game (unlike Long Live the Queen and Hatoful Boyfriend), though a tame one at that.  Much like Katawa Shoujo, sex scenes are treated as an end reward rather than a pornographic journey.  Additionally, since the settings is set firmly in a non-magical world, there aren’t any tentacle monsters or other bizarre fetishes.  Lastly, replaying the game with the same starting choices actually leads to new branches in the story as well, increasing the replay value.  This does, yes, include more sex scenes.

Suiheisen Made Nan Mile? – Deep Blue Sky & Pure White Wings – was released on the Playstation Portable and PC.  It is, as far as I can tell, a Japan-only game.

Weekly Game Music: Corruption With Rage and Melancholy (ObsCure II)

New week, new music.  Ready to get scared?  Here’s an excellent sad music from the horror game, ObsCure IICorruption with Rage and Melancholy by Olivier Deriviere is the type of music that’s exactly what’s written in the title: a swing of two linked emotions.

ObsCure II narrates the misadventures of 4 college friends who discover mutated monsters in their university.  They quickly discover the Black Pores from the previous game has started to spread among the students, mutating them into monsters.  The students attempt to uncover the source of the vile plant products.

ObsCure II is a horror game, complete with bad weapon handling and uncomfortable camera angles.  Differentiating itself from many games of the same genre is the American college theme and the inclusion of co-op play.

ObsCure II was released on PC, Playstation 2, and Wii in 2008.  It was later ported to PSP and PSP Go.

Weekly Game Music: Morning, Thinker (Armored Core series)

New week, new music.  Lets explore yet another genre I haven’t explored yet: mecha combat.  Here’s a remix of Silent Line: Armored Core and Armored Core 4 music, Morning, Thinker by Mattias Häggström Gerdt and Deia Vengen.  It’s an aggressive techno, best depicting the chaotic, yet strategical nature of piloting a bipedal tank.

The Armored Core series revolves around power-hungry corporations frequently throwing war at each other.  It seems only natural, then, that Silent Line: Armored Core begins after much destruction of the human population.  While humanity is slowly regaining its former glory, scouts discover a portion of the globe where seemingly all communications are lost.  You’re tasked to investigate this mysterious location, the Silent Line.

All Armored Core games revolves around customizing and experimenting with your mech, and putting your construction into practice.  As expected from a future war game, the walking tanks you create must gun through numerous vehicles, artillery, and other mechs.  Special in Silent Core, parts can be damaged individually, and retains its damage between sessions.  This requires the player to constantly replace its weapons and upgrades per session.

Silent Line: Armored Core was released on Playstation 2 in 2003.  It was later ported to the PSP in 2010.  Armored Core 4 was released on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2007.

Weekly Game Music: Prime #19 (Echochrome)

New week, new music. Here’s a soothing café for a mind-bending puzzle game: Prime #19, composed by Hideki Sakamoto. The music is intended to soothe the player to an otherwise bizarre and confusing puzzle game,Echochrome.

As a puzzle game Echochrome offers no story. Despite this, the aesthetic of the game tells a lot. In a world outlined by solid black lines and a white background, the player must guide an artist’s mannequin across the MC Escher-like level. As the player, you control the camera, and command the mannequin to stop or start walking. That’s it.

Yet, controlling the camera itself proves vital to our hero. See, our clueless mannequin lives in a 2D world. Us with the camera live in a 3D world. By simply moving the camera around, we can easily cover gaps in a path with a dangling plank, and the use of perspectives. The forced perspective can even be used to cause the mannequin to fall at locations that are, in 3D, higher than the original falling point.

Echochrome was originally released on the PSP in 2008. It’s available for download on the Playstation 3.