Weekly Game Music: Prime #19 (Echochrome)

New week, new music. Here’s a soothing café for a mind-bending puzzle game: Prime #19, composed by Hideki Sakamoto. The music is intended to soothe the player to an otherwise bizarre and confusing puzzle game,Echochrome.

As a puzzle game Echochrome offers no story. Despite this, the aesthetic of the game tells a lot. In a world outlined by solid black lines and a white background, the player must guide an artist’s mannequin across the MC Escher-like level. As the player, you control the camera, and command the mannequin to stop or start walking. That’s it.

Yet, controlling the camera itself proves vital to our hero. See, our clueless mannequin lives in a 2D world. Us with the camera live in a 3D world. By simply moving the camera around, we can easily cover gaps in a path with a dangling plank, and the use of perspectives. The forced perspective can even be used to cause the mannequin to fall at locations that are, in 3D, higher than the original falling point.

Echochrome was originally released on the PSP in 2008. It’s available for download on the Playstation 3.

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