Weekly Game Music: Corruption With Rage and Melancholy (ObsCure II)

New week, new music.  Ready to get scared?  Here’s an excellent sad music from the horror game, ObsCure IICorruption with Rage and Melancholy by Olivier Deriviere is the type of music that’s exactly what’s written in the title: a swing of two linked emotions.

ObsCure II narrates the misadventures of 4 college friends who discover mutated monsters in their university.  They quickly discover the Black Pores from the previous game has started to spread among the students, mutating them into monsters.  The students attempt to uncover the source of the vile plant products.

ObsCure II is a horror game, complete with bad weapon handling and uncomfortable camera angles.  Differentiating itself from many games of the same genre is the American college theme and the inclusion of co-op play.

ObsCure II was released on PC, Playstation 2, and Wii in 2008.  It was later ported to PSP and PSP Go.

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