Weekly Game Music: Squids Wild West (Squids Wild West)

New week, new music.  This week, we’re doing something a little different.  Instead of a Youtube video, here’s the SoundCloud music player, coming directly from this week’s music composer, Romain Gauthier.  I’ve posted his music twice already, but theSquids Wild West theme from, well, the iOS game Squids Wild West is something truly special.  Give it a click, and check it out!

Anyhoo, Squids Wild West is a direct sequel to the mobile game, Squids.  Previously, a group of treasure hunting squids accidentally broke the valve sealing the evil goop.  Realizing their mess, their quest to cleanse the underwater world leads them to the sharp-shooter Clint and sumo wrestler Sammo’s home town, ye Seawood.  There, the party attempts to find the master Winnick, and get down with the evil mastermind controlling the ugly goop.

Squids Wild West is a turn-based RPG involving…flinging squids at evil shrimps, crabs, and other watery beings.  It plays a lot like Angry Birds, where squids are flung on a flat surface instead of a trajectory.  Damage is calculated based on the squid’s attack points and fling strength, meaning enemies closer to the squids are more likely to get the brunt of the force.  Along with slamming their own body into crazed wild-life, each class of squids have their own special abilities.  For example, sharp-shooters can shoot projectiles at a far-away enemy, while sumos can create shockwaves to hit enemies within close proximity.

Squids Wild West  was released on the iOS in 2012.  It’s also available on Android.

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