Strange Free Games: ROM CHECK FAIL

Well, we’ve had enough games with sophisticated stories. Let’s talk about a game with minimal story: ROM CHECK FAIL is a game that mashes together well-known game icons, then puts them into a blender. Well, not literally, but when you see the gameplay video below, you’ll get the idea.

Download is available near the bottom of this page:

ROM CHECK FAIL starts innocent enough: your super-old system checks to see if your game (ROM) is OK. Well, it isn’t, and now you have to play Mario, Asteroids, Pacman, etc. in a completely corrupted package. Hilarity ensues.

The goal of the game, of course, is to kill every enemy on the course. Problematically, your controls and physics periodically changes as your character glitches to the next sprite. Similarly, your enemy’s sprites, AI and physics also changes at the same time. The changes are completely random, so you have to be careful and plan for the worst at every level.

Quick, simple, and fun, ROM CHECK FAIL should provide a good afternoon challenge. Give it a shot!

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