Weekly Game Music: Lights (Lumines)

As far as I know, we only have one J-Pop music in this series (and the first one is more J-Jazz than -Pop), so lets bump that one more. Here’s Lights, sung by Eri Nobichika. The song appears in the excellent Tetris-based puzzle game, Lumines.

Like Tetris, Lumines involves placing 2 x 2 blocks of 2 colored bricks falling from the top of the screen in a specific formation. This case, it’s placing the same colored bricks in a 2 x 2 square. To complicate the things further, there’s a vertical beat bar that periodically moves across the screen. The 2 x 2 combo doesn’t disappear until that beat bar passes over it. In fact, you can add onto that 2 x 2 with more 2 x 2 formations for bigger points, before the beat bar passes through all of them. Therein lies the secret of Lumines: to get a better score, you have to form your combos to the beat of the background music.

Playing Lumines is like having a sensory overload, especially the visuals and audio. Like Bit.Trip Runner, each action creates its own sound to blend in with the techno background music. With strobe-light and colored-laser visuals, the entire game makes you feels like a DJ mixing music in a hip-hop party. Seeing your quick-thinking translate to a multi-colored spectacle is an exhilarating — and sometimes frustrating — experience.

Lumines was originally released for the PSP. Copies are available for PS2 as disc; the PS3 and Xbox 360, via download; and PC and iOS devices, via Steam and App Store respectively.


Title: I Hear The Music in My Soul
Game: Lumines
Composer: Eri Nobichika
Vocals: Eri Nobichika


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