Weekly Game Music: Kakkoi! (Edge)

Here’s a hip tune: Kakkoi! It’s from an award-winning indie iPhone game, Edge. Despite its Japanese title and style, though, the track is composed by a French composer, Romain Gauthier.

Edge is a simple game that involves rolling a cube through an obstacle course, and into the goal. Initially created for the iPhone, you drag the touch screen to guide the cube. There’s a few catch in this game, however. True to the title, the cube can roll and hang on edges, allowing it to climb up one-step staircases, and clinging on moving platforms. Additionally, power-ups are scattered throughout the course to speed up the cube, and increase your score.

Despite it’s fun and simple gameplay, Edge has a dark history. Edge came out as one of the many games produced during the advent of the iPhone, and was widely considered as one of the first “serious” game for the device. It gained quite a popularity…until someone filed a lawsuit against it. Tim Langdell, founder of Edge Games, sued the developer, Mobigames, for creating a game with a title containing the word, “edge.” It became apparent that the same person also sued EA for Mirror’s Edge, as well as EDGE game magazine. Yet, unlike the other two companies, Mobigames was too small to fight, and they were forced to remove the game from the App Store. Mobigames have re-released the game multiple times under different titles, including “Edge by Mobigames” and “Edgy,” but both were removed from the App Store.

Fortunately, the US and the European courts has ruled that Tim Langdell and his company has no rights to sue others for using the word, “edge” in its title. After one year of lawsuit handling, Edge finally re-appeared again on the App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. In addition, it has appeared on Playstation Minis for PSP, and on Steam for PC and Mac.


Title: The Shameful Last Minute
Game: Edge
Composer: Romain Gauthier


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