Weekly Game Music: Still Alive (Mirror’s Edge)

Another song with lyrics, here’s Still Alive from…Mirror’s Edge, written and sung by Swedish singer, Lisa Miskovsky. What, you thought I was going to post the song from the first Portal game!? Sorry, but I’m too hipster for that I already posted a Portal 2 song, and it’s my policy to stick with only one music from each game series.

Anyway, Mirror’s Edge stars a courageous lady named Faith, stuck in a clean but heavily monitored world. Censorship is so bad, many political figures and activists resorts to using Runners to send their message. Faith is one of these runners, and her role is simple: deliver a package or mail as swiftly and as secretively as possible. As per usual, there are always conspiracies in an oppressive society, and Faith herself gets stuck in the middle of it while doing one of her deliveries. Gun fire ensues.

Mirror’s Edge is a first-person parkour game. Unlike most first person games, you can readily see your own arms and legs to better indicate the action you’re taking, as well as your positioning for tricky jumps. Many of the actions you take includes jumping, swinging, sliding, climbing walls, rolling, wall-walking, and more. Furthermore, guns takes a backseat, as they hinder your movement, and ammo are limited. Seeing is believing, so the video above has some gameplay to better describe the game.

Despite its highly acclaim, Mirror’s Edge has some of the strongest critics, frequently pointing out the difficulty of jumps and progression. Indeed, the game requires rather precise angles and timings on many jumps, and is certainly more difficult than the often compared Metroid Prime. In addition, the story was also heavily criticized for its cliffhanger ending. Regardless, it developed a strong cult following due to its innovation in gameplay (even today),

Mirror’s Edge is available for PC via Steam, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3.

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