Weekly Game Music: Lullaby Set (Braid)

I know it’s Halloween, but I’m not aware of many spooky music that’s tolerable without context. Instead, I’m choosing a relaxing music from Braid: Lullaby Set, by Shira Kammen and Pam Swan. And hey, the video displays a burning city, so I guess that’s creepy enough for some of you.

Braid stars an unlikely hero named Tim. He’s a well-suited, necktie wearing character who can jump high and reverse time. He ventures through painterly stages to find the Princess who disappeared for a rather vague reason. Presumably, she’s kidnapped by a monster; others claim she left on her own accord. Regardless of reason, Tim has to gather the missing puzzle pieces to unlock the location where the Princess went.

Does the story sound a bit familiar? It’s true that Braid is a Mario-like puzzle-platformer, and it certainly makes a lot of references to the famous Nintendo game series. However, Braid is known for its extremely difficult puzzles, and jaw-dropping twist-ending that forces you to reinterpret the entire story. Some of its puzzles involve reversing time at a different rate, slowing down time within a certain area, walking to move time forward and back, and creating shadows of yourselves to conduct different activities. One puzzle even requires you to use the puzzle pieces you’ve collected to retrieve the last on in the course. Braid certainly requires a good amount of creativity and analysis to progress through the game.

It’s worth noting that Braid is yet another indie game developed by only 2 people: Jonathon Blow and David Hellman. The game is available for PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam, App Store, and Ubuntu Store respectively. Additionally, it’s available for download on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.


Title: Downstream
Game: Braid
Composer: Shira Kammen


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