Weekly Game Music: Opening Credits (Yume 2kki)

Today is the part optimistic, part melancholy Opening Credits Theme from the free horror game, Yume 2kki. It’s an extremely disturbing game that explores a schizophrenic mind.

Yume 2kki is an interesting game, partly because its developed by numerous Japanese collaborators from 2chan, and partly because the game is still incomplete. An unofficial sequel to the cult indie hit, Yume Nikki, Yume 2kki has a plot similar to Inception: a shut-in girl named Urotsuki, who’s unwilling to (or unable to) exit from her apartment, goes to sleep often to travel into her dreams. Within the dreams, Urotsuki must collect a series of items called “Effects,” which as its named implies, causes various things to happen to the character.

Yume 2kki is an artsy game. It is neither a traditional game, nor a traditional horror. Most Effects, such as Stretch that turns you into a Slenderwoman, serves only one, limited purpose. There are no enemies (in a traditional sense), and likewise, there’s no way to die in the game either. The game’s main draw is its environment: like real dreams, it’s trippy. Sometimes, the stage looks familiar and recognizable, such as the Hospital. Other times, it’s hypnotic, like the Marijuana Goddess stage. And yet, sometimes, it’s horrifyingly alien; sexually suggestive (though not depicted), bloody, and all. Like dreams, the same door rarely leads to the same place, and many events occurs by mere chance. The more you travel through the world, the more you realize how deranged Urotsuki’s dreams are, and consequently, how mentally unstable Urotsuki herself is.

Yume 2kki is definitely not for the weak-hearted and the impatient. Curiosity (in a horror sense) is what drives the game, and if that doesn’t motivate you, I really cannot recommend the game. If you do want to play it, however, this wiki has the instructions to install the game on an English Windows computer.


Title: MOTHER Area (currently, this is the only title I can find)
Game: Yume Nikki
Composer: Kikiyama


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