Weekly Game Music: Magical Voice Shower (Pop’n Music Iroha)

Today is another A Capella from Pop’n Music Iroha, Magical Voice Shower by Ucchies.

As the video suggests, Pop’n Music is a Japanese Music Arcade machine that barely predates Dance Dance Revolution by a few months. The game is played by pressing a whooping 9-button controller at the right time. Yeesh!

Otherwise, the game plays a lot like Dance Dance Revolution. You choose a character, play a song selection or a series of songs, and fight against other characters for beat-superiority. Concepts such as performance ranking and combo tracking are practically the same.


Title: Tsuki yuki ni mau hana no youni
Game: Pop’n Music Iroha
Composer: (Can’t find it!)
Comments: Originally appears in a Beatmania IIDX series. This is a shortened version of the original song.


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