Weekly Game Music: Best of Times (World of Goo)

Since the last two were from Japan, this poses a nice opportunity to contrast it with a US composition. Introducing a cinematic music from World of Goo: Best of Times by Kyle Gabler.

World of Goo is a game made by two people. It’s available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Steam, and WiiWare. Kind of like Portal and Angry Birds, World of Goo is a unique physics-toying puzzle game where gelatinous creatures called Goo are used to create structures such as bridges and towers. When the structure reaches the goal, represented by a pipe, sucks in the left-over Goos for scoring. If it gathers enough Goos, you pass the level, and proceed to the next one.

The plot of World of Goo revolves around a company called Goo Corporation, which converts Goos into various products. Noticing the number of their denizens are rapidly decreasing, the leftover Goos devises a plan to overcome the powerful corporation. Regularly making fun of itself, it’s a funny game with an unusually serious story.

For a game made by two people, World of Goo has some of the best music, and a unique art direction. The theme per level changes frequently, going from beautiful sunset at one point, a shiny red carpet next, and a gray, ashy corporation. Furthermore, every level is carefully designed to introduce new Goos one at a time, while progressively increasing the difficulty. The game rarely feels difficult, and is quite generous in your progression, such as allowing you to skip levels a limited number of times.

I highly recommend it for anyone interested in gaming.


Title: World of Goo Beginning
Game: World of Goo
Composer: Kyle Gabler

Title: Red Carpet Extend-o-Matic
Game: World of Goo
Composer: Kyle Gabler


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