Susie’s Summer Home

An experimental horror game, where one navigates Susie’s maze-like summer home.

Download: Windows Executable (ZIP) | Windows Executable, 64 (ZIP) | Mac App, Intel (ZIP)


To create a puzzle game, intended to creep out the player.



Susie’s Summer Home is a Global Game Jam 2012 entry, where the theme was an image of an Ouroboros. Susie is stuck in a haunted summer house, and desperately to get out. Each room presents a puzzle, where one door or interactive object is different from all others. By successfully identifying the outlier, Susie will be able to escape the maze-like house. Make one mistake, however, will lead you back to your own bed!

The game was created by Unity 3D, with a seven-man team.


Player controls Susie through either WASD, or by arrow keys. When Susie approaches a door or grandfather clock, press Z to interact with it.


Susie’s Summer Home actually won third place for the Audience Favorite Award, bested by second place winner by only 2 votes. The audience found the bizarre events that occurs when getting the puzzle wrong surprisingly fun to discover. Many players have noted the excellent art direction, and the general polish in concept.

The game wasn’t without any criticism, however. Some lamented that the lack of narrative or story was distracting, hindering them from enjoying the game. Most beginner players found the initial point of the game confusing and uninteresting, although they eventually understood the design of each puzzle.

Overall, the experimental aspect of this game turned out to be a huge success.

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