#WeeklyGameMusic: Anna (Device 6)

#WeeklyGameMusic: New week, new music.

Anna opened her tablet, launched the web browser, and clicked on a link. It was a blog post, first starting with a nonsensical sentence, “#WeeklyGameMusic: New week, new music.” What followed immediately after that was a Youtube video. And right below that? A paragraph, describing exactly what she did, five seconds prior to her reading this sentence. Now it’s describing what she’s doing right now. That’s weird, she thought, but didn’t think twice about it as she clicked the Youtube video, Anna by Jonathon Eng. As she listened to its jolly and romantic tune, she heard a doorbell ring outside. Excited, she jumped up, answered the door, and carried her new package back to the kitchen: Simogo’s award-winning game, Device 6.

Anna wakes up. She’s not in her kitchen anymore. In fact, she doesn’t even recognize this small, circular room. How did she get here? How much time has passed? Where did her phone and tablet go? Before going to full-panic mode, Anna stood up from the dusty wood-plank floor and thought carefully. “I was playing Device 6,” she recalled, “an interactive fiction that uses the most of my tablet’s capabilities.” Indeed, Device 6 was a fascinating mystery nove-, er, game. The word often twisted and turned, like shape poetry, requiring the player to turn their phone/tablet to read further. Every once in a while, old vintage photos and sound effects would pop-up to help the reader’s imagination. Most important of all were the puzzles. “Oh, the puzzles,” Anna thought, “like that part where there was a yellow frame with a 4-digit number on it! The minor detail seemed unnecessary until the game revealed an image of an electric safe — locked by a 4-digit password — that you can interact with. It was a wow-moment, where I realized the clues to the game’s puzzles were scattered around in the story’s text itself.”

“But wait, I feel like I’m forgetting something important,” Anna pondered, “how did that game start? What were the first few sentences?” She closed her eyes, pushed hard on her forehead, until finally, it came to her. “Yes, the game started like this:”

Anna wakes up. She’s not in her kitchen anymore. In fact, she doesn’t even recognize this small, circular room.

A few, silent moments passes before Anna exclaims, “well shit, this is creepy!” Shaken and confused, she scans around the room until she find a large, wooden door. “Gotta start somewhere,” she told herself, and carefully approaches the door. As she grabs its doorknob, she notices a yellow frame hanging next to the door, with the number, “2006” imprinted on the bottom. “That’s going to be important,” she noted, and pulled the doorknob open.

Notice: Bowler Cap, Corp. would like to kindly remind you that Device 6 is available for iPad and iPhones. Please enjoy, and have a nice day!

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