Weekly Game Music: Zoned In (InMomentum)

New week, new music.  Moving from timeless to experimental music, I present Zoned In by Gareth Coker.  It’s an immersive composition of elegant motion, one truly worth of its title.  A perfect combination to go with the parkour game, InMomentum.

InMomentum is a first-person parkour game where momentum is everything.  You control a robot that jumps, double-jumps, and even wall-jumps across a minimalistic virtual world.  That last ability proves useful, as the many walls in the game serves as the life-saver to your impending doom.  In case it gets too difficult, InMomentum also gives you the ability to slow down time to make it easier to time your jumps.

InMomentum was released on the PC via Steam in 2011.

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