Weekly Game Music: Kittens, Cake and Cotton Candy (SimCity Societies)

New week, new music.  It’s time we talk about SimCity Societes.  Yes, that city-building game series!  Here’s Kittens, Cake And Cotton Candy by Trevor Morris.  Quite an optimistic music for a simulation where you play mayor and god!

SimCity Societies is a simulation of city-building.  It’s lack of story is made up by the numerous different scenarios the player can create.  The goal, of course, is to make the greatest city…by the player’s definition, of course.  Unlike the previous series, SimCity Societies also allows one to socially engineer the city, effecting how the city looks and operates.  For example, a more authoritative society causes more security cameras appear at various parts of the city.  Anything is possible in SimCity!

SimCity Societies was released on the PC in 2007.

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