Weekly Game Music: The Gensokyo The Gods Loved (Touhou: Mountain of Faith)

New week, new music.  Since I’ve already posted Cave Story before, it’s only natural that I post about another game series created by one amazing Japanese man: the Touhou project by Junya Ota.  Here’s a remix of The Gensokyo The Gods Lovedfrom Touhou: Mountain of Faith.  It’s yet another trance from the infamous zts.

Touhou: Mountain of Faith begins when Reimu Hakurei, the Hakurei shrine’s miko (Japanese shrine maiden), is informed by mysterious authority that the shrine must be closed.  Asking why, the figure claims the shrine lacks faith from its local citizens of Gensokyo.  Confused, Reimu informs her magician friend, Marisa Kirisame, addressing the terrible consequences of closing the shrine.  Marisa, noting that something smells fishy, convinces Reimu to investigate on this authority.

Touhou: Mountain of Faith is a top-down shooter, much like the old arcades.  Unlike those arcades, however, ships and aliens are replaced with magical girls, fairies, gods and Japanese monsters.  Most important, however, is how this series defines the aptly-named sub-genre, bullet hell.  The game literally tests your pattern recognition of screens and screens of lasers.

Touhou: Mountain of Faith was released on the PC in 2007.

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