Weekly Game Music: Sweet Memories of Earth (DuckTales)

New week, new music.  Here’s a rock-and-roll remix of the The Moon Theme from DuckTalesSweet Memories of Earth.  The remixer, CarboHydroM, successfully adds adrenaline to Hiroshige Tonomura’s dreamy 8-bit composition.  Many of you will undoubtedly feel nostalgic about it!

DuckTales narrates Scrooge McDuck’s treasure hunting journey.  Much like any platformers in the heydays, Scrooge would jump, climb, and waltz his way through the dangerous caves, villages, and even the moon.  Somewhat unique to the game was the ability to use you cane not only as a weapon, but also a pogo stick to reach higher locations.  It even allowed Scrooge to bounce through spiked floors!  Rather surprisingly, especially in comparison to today’s standards, DuckTales ended up being a critically appraised IP-based game.

DuckTales  was released on the NES in 1989.

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