Weekly Game Music: Last Movement (Enemy Zero)

New week, new music.  I just realized haven’t introduced any music from horror games (unless Killer7 counts as a horror game), so here’s our first one from the famed British movie composer, Michael Nyman.  Last Movement is a simple composition that gives you a sense of drifting away.  A fitting music to the Sci-Fi horror game, Enemy Zero, that is also set in a place all too easy to get lost in: space.

Enemy Zero is part of an odd game series, collectively called D, where the only thing recurring between each game are the characters.  Not even their memory or personality carries over to their sequel.  The player takes the role of Laura Lewis, a pilot of AKI spaceship, who is quite unfortunately affected by amnesia after waking up from a malfunctioned cryogenic sleep.  The cause of the rude awakening turns out to be an invasion of carnivorous aliens who are invisible.  Equipped with a device that alarms its bearer of the approaching enemies, and an unwieldy laser pistol, Laura makes a desperate escape from the slaughter house the spaceship is becoming.

Much like Killer7Enemy Zero requires the use of sound to detect the location of the enemies.  The story-heavy game uses a Doom-like first-person perspective.  When you hear an enemy approaching, you have to charge your pistol before firing at the right moment.  The frustrating controls adds to the surprise horror of hearing an alien screeching at you as it pounces.  Coupled with the dark and claustrophobic maze-like hallways, Enemy Zero does everything to make you feel uncomfortable.

Enemy Zero was released on Sega Saturn in 1997.  It was later ported to the PC in 1998.

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