Weekly Game Music: Caravan for 2 Pianos (Flyable Heart)

New week, new music.  I know I’m a week late, but forgive me on this one: I was moving.  In any case, here’s a fun piano tune, Caravan for 2 Pianos from a Japan-only erotic visual novel, Flyable Heart.  The playful composition by Ryo Mizutsuki sets the tone for this comical adventure

Flyable Heart protagonist, Syo Katsuragi, successfully transfers to a highly-prestigious high school, Ōtoriryōran Academy.  Little does he suspect that a generic Japanese harem adventure awaits him!  Upon entering, Syo is unfortunately (or fortunately) tossed into the girls dormitory, as the boys dormitory is crowded.  Even worse (or better), his roommate is a robot.  To make the best out of this unexpected (or expected) situation, he consults with the academy’s student council and Ryōran association.  Which consists mostly of girls (go figure).

As with any visual novel, Flyable Heart plays a lot like a choose-you-own adventure books.  The majority of the game is about reading through a story, occasionally interjected by a few choices one can take to veer the outcome. There isn’t much else to it, actually.

Flyable Heart was released on the PC in 2009.

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