Strange Free Games: Every Day the Same Dream

The theme for this year’s Global Game Jam was an image of an Ouroboros — a snake eating it’s own tail. It’s supposed to be representative of how things in life are commonly cyclic, and as such, many games revolved around this theme. Of course, one short flash game has already beaten them to it: Every Day the Same Dream.

Every Day the Same Dream is playable on Molleindustria’s website.

Every Day the Same Dream is a mostly black & white game themed around the 80’s lifestyle. You play as a faceless, every-day businessman who repeats the same chore every day: wake up, go to work, deal with the traffic, and sit in your cubicle, clicking through things. It’s quite an extraordinary existential game, where everything is made to look bleak and terrible.

But wait! There’s hope! The point of the game, as the Let’s Play video above demonstrates, is to break this cycle. The gameplay is so bleak, it demands that you push the boundaries, and break the rules of the game.

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