Weekly Game Music: The Tricky Treasure (Rayman Origins)

Remember Christophe Héral? He’s the same French composer that written music for Beyond Good & Evil and Adventures of Tintin. It’s a fine time to revisit him today, with Rayman Origins. Here’s The Tricky Treasure, a western-style music mixed in with movie-like orchestra!

As its title implies, Rayman Origins brings the Rayman series back to its roots: 2D platforming. Our limbless hero, Rayman, and his friends are startled from their relaxing nap when a granny summons a bunch of baddies from The Land of the Livid Dead. Disgruntled, Rayman and his team must hammer the baddies and their bosses back to their home-grave. And…yeah, that’s it.

For its lack of complexity, Rayman Origins overcomes it by its sense of humor, excellent sound and music, and absolutely gorgeous artwork. It plays much like New Super Mario Bros., where up to 4 players can join on the jumping, punching, kicking and the bopping. A bit unlike the Mario series, however, this game has a heavier emphasis on speed and rhythm. As such, many hardcore speed-runners are going to have an absolute blast with this this game!

Rayman Origins was released for the Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360.


Title: The Lum King
Game: Rayman Origins
Composer: Christophe Héral

Title: Sea of Serendipity ~ The Lums’ Dream
Game: Rayman Origins
Composer: Christophe Héral


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