Strange Free Games: This is the Only Level

If we’re talking about strange games, we’ve got to go into the flash game category. This is the Only Level – Adventures in Singularity is a game where, exactly as the title implies, there’s only one level. Despite its seeming simplicity, the game makes fun of you as you’re forced to think out of the box.

As a short game, This is the Only Level will make you think for quite a long time. The game is playable at Armor Games.

Playing as a forgetful elephant, you learn that your controls or level physics changes every time you visit the same level. Various changes in physics and controls include using the arrow keys to control the character, using the mouse, refreshing the browser, floaty jumps, and the inability to move backwards. The game keep tracks of how many times you die, so your goal is to complete all the iterations while suffering the least number of casualities.

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