Strange Free Games: Façade

Here’s an old but extremely unique free game. Façade is a game created back in 2005, with ugly graphics, terrible animation, and shoddy cell-shading all intact. Despite these problems, though, Façade‘s terrifyingly original game concepts is often used as a pinnacle of Video Game narrative, where you, the player, ultimately guide the story. Façade is available for Mac and Windows XP. Windows Vista and 7 users may have problems running it.

Façade is an interactive story where you have to mediate the couple Trip and Grace from letting their marriage collapse in front of your eyes. Narrated in first-person, you type your sentence to the character you’re facing towards, and he or she will interpret that sentence. Like a choose-your-own-adventure book, the story will dynamically change based on what your responses and inquiries where, and decided on whether you save Trip and Grace’s marriage, or let the two fall apart.

Despite the terrible artwork, the tiny details the game contains is quite amazing. The characters’ facial expressions changes quickly and within context. You can interact with the characters and your surroundings to indicate your interest, or the lack thereof. And it goes without saying that the game’s voice-acting is top-notch and excellent.

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