Weekly Game Music: Stairway to Revelation (Tower of Heaven)

Here’s another chiptune from Askiisoft’s Tower of Heaven, Stairway to Revelation by flashygoodness. It’s a recurring theme in the game, and fits perfectly with the Gameboy-like graphics the game portrays.

The game starts with Eid, a big-headed silhouette, entering the Tower of Heaven. Upon entering, an omnipotent voice grudgingly welcomes our hero, warning him almost immediately that the path is dangerous, and the the time is limited. When Eid completes a few trials (represented as floors), the amused voice forces him to carry the Book of Laws. As Eid climbs higher up the tower, the absurdity of the laws imposed by the book increases.

Tower of Heaven, though short, is a painfully difficult 2D platformer. Breaking any of the laws written in the Book of Laws causes instant death. These laws include, “don’t touch the side of blocks or walls,” “don’t walk left,” and my personal favorite, “don’t open the Book of Laws.” The laws points out the frequently unwritten rules in difficult platformers such as touching the side of platforms on mid-flight will lead to death, anyways.

Developed by 3 people (including the composer), Tower of Heaven is playable online at NewGrounds.

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