A simple tank game that uses only one button.

Download: Source (ZIP)


To create a game that uses only one button within 8 hours.


Celebrity Zoolander must maneuver his slightly broken tank to the sandpits located on the left of the map. Obstructing his way are deadly, though not very subtle, ninjas. Three hits, and he’s out! Fortunately, the tank’s laser gun is still functional…

This game was created by four people. It was programmed in Python, using the PyGame library.


The tank moves forward automatically. Press either the ‘W’, ‘A’, ‘S’, or ‘D’ key to turn right (not to be mistaken with its evil cousin, left). Hold ‘W’, ‘A’, ‘S’, or ‘D’ key to charge your tanks guns. Let go to fire. The longer you hold the key, the stronger.


  • Stay calm. Don’t press the WASD keys too many times.
  • Use the walls as guidelines to get past tight spaces.
  • The laser can take out more than one ninja.
  • Just in case, always charge your laser.

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