Trip Trap

An evasive game that involves tricking bees.

Download: Source (ZIP)


To create a game by myself within 48 hours. Created for Global Game Jam 2010, with the theme, “deception.”


As a defenseless white spaceship, you must fend off the swarming bees. As you have no form of offense, though, you must trick the bees to fly into the deadly blue thorns. Be careful, because the thorns hurts you, too!

This game was programmed in Ruby, using the RubyGame library. It’s an early prototype that gave birth to the mobile game, SWARM!


Use the arrow keys to direct the white spaceship.


  • Learn to control the spaceship. Get a feel for its floaty steering.
  • Since the bees follows you, you are bound to succeed if you keep a thorn between you and the bees.

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