Protect Your Base

A Warlords clone using OpenGL and GLUT.

Download: Source (ZIP) | Paper (PDF)


To create a Warlords clone using C++, OpenGL and GLUT.


The game is played by two competing people.
Defend your two like-colored bases by deflecting the bouncing ball with your four paddles. At the same time, try to redirect the ball to your opponent’s base. To assist your defense, both players are given 13 destructible blocks to surround each base.

This game was created by two people.


The game begins with the option to change two traits. By left-clicking in the middle of the four colored blocks cycles through the placement of each base. The options are side-by-side, up-and-down, or diagonally. Right-clicking reverses the order.

By left-clicking the lower 2 blocks, the use can cycle through the available colors for their base. Right-clicking reverses the order.

To start, left-click “start”. To exit, right-click “start” (or simply close the window).


The game uses a typical WASD controls. For player 1, ‘W’ key moves the vertical paddles upwards, while ‘S’ moves the paddle downwards. Similarly, the ‘A’ key moves the horizontal paddles left, and ‘D’ moves the paddle right.

Player 2’s control mirrors player 1, but from the right side of the keyboard. ‘P’ key moves the vertical paddles up, and ‘;’ key moves the paddle down. ‘L’ moves the horizontal paddle left, while ” ‘ ” moves the paddle right.


While we had to drop a few features, such as power-ups and better graphics, we were satisfied with the final results. The physics of the game, which was revised 4 times, reacts convincingly within this realm. Additionally, the game itself was fast and responsive enough to be playable.

Most users mentioned our game was intuitive to play. A few expressed concerns that the game starts too slow, and the ball’s speed-up is hardly noticeable. Overall, they found the game enjoyable, but a bit tedious.

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