A platform-puzzler that involves in gravity-reversing solutions.

Download: Source (ZIP)


To create a gravity-related game within 8 hours.


You must maneuver through a complex puzzle, carrying the key to the locked doors to reach to the exit. Hindering your quest is the strange gravitational physics. Assisting your quest are blocks that works both as a stepping stone and a gravity emphasizing element.

This game was created by three people. It was programmed in Python, using the PyGame library.


The background color indicates the direction and magnitudes you will be falling towards. The bluer the area, the faster you will fall down, and the redder the area, the faster you fall up.

Carrying different colored blocks has different effects. Red blocks makes you fall up faster in red backgrounds, and descend slower in blue. Similarly, blue blocks makes you fall faster in blue backgrounds, while slowing your ascend in a red background. The yellow blocks is neutral.

Color doors can only be open by a similar colored switch. Simply touch one to open.


Move left and right with ‘A’ and ‘D’ respectively.

Press space or ‘W’ to jump. You will jump up on a blue background, and down on a red one.

Press enter to carry a block or key. Press enter again to drop it. You can only carry one block or key at a time.

Finally, press escape at any time to return to the main menu.


  • Experiment with the blocks. Get used to the change in physics.
  • If you accidentally cover a key with a block, press enter again. Chances are good you’ll pick up the key, instead.
  • The whiter the background, the higher you jump.
  • In one level, a block is required to act as a stepping-stone.

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