A first-person puzzler involving a gravity gun.

Downloads: Windows Executeable (ZIP) | Mac App (ZIP) | Source (External Link)


You must reach to the glowing end using a gravity gun to solve various puzzles.


Escape was our first team project for the course, Experimental Game Design. We were given 2 weeks to complete a non-violent first-person shooter.

Both Michael Todd and I worked as programmers, while Marshall Farley as the artist. Created in Unity 3D.


The controls uses the same layout as most common first-person shooters. Press either the ‘W’, ‘A’, ‘S’, or ‘D’ key to move your character, while using the mouse to move the camera. Also, pressing the space bar causes the character to jump.

Certain objects will glow red when the cursor is aimed at it. To grab it from a distance, click and hold the mouse’s left button. To drop the carried object, let go of the left mouse button. To throw the object, press the ‘F’ key.

Pressing ‘P’ will bring up the pause menu, allowing you to either retry a level, or move on to a different one. Press ‘P’ again to return playing.


  • Remember to aim a little higher when throwing objects at a target.
  • Stacking objects requires a bit of patience. Easiest method is to stand on a box, and drop two boxes on top of each other in the same location.

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