Weekly Game Music: Me and My Little War (Elebits)

New week, new music. We’re at war. A war composed by Naoyuki Sato and Michiru Yamane. Me and My Little War is a fitting title for Elebits hero, Kai. The music’s exciting outbursts, followed by a childish melody, best depicts Kai’s selfish attempts at getting his parent’s attention, even in a middle of a crisis.

Elebits is told through the eyes of Kai, a seemingly neglected child. Kai’s parents, both Elebits researchers, rushes out one night on an emergency blackout. Disgruntled, Kai attempts to create his own power by collecting wild Elebits — power-generating spirits — using his father’s trusty gravity gun.

Elebits is a physics toybox that utilizes Wii’s motion controls to grab and throw nearly everything in the game. The game begins with a rather under-powered gun: you can only lift small things, like boxes and toys. As you collect the Elebits hiding behind objects, though, your gun grows gradually stronger, eventually letting you throw trucks and buildings with ease.

Elebits was originally released on the Wii in 2006. It’s sequel, which plays nothing like the original, was released on the Nintendo DS.

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