Weekly Game Music: Redial (Bomberman Hero)

New week, new music. Let’s go old-school, this time, with the spectacular music from Bomberman HeroRedial, by Jun Chikuma, is a simple techno-like melody with an addicting beat. It’s oddly calming for an epic adventure of an old mascot.

Bomberman Hero has a simplistic, if familiar, story of an intergalactic evil organization emerging from the shadows. In an attempt to foil their plan, a princess manages to steal their plans, but gets caught in the process. Instead, she sends her loyal robot to take the disks, and inform Bomberman the trouble that’s brewing. Hence begins our hero’s journey through 5 different planets.

Bomberman Hero is a 3D platformer, where the camera doesn’t turn. As Bomberman, your method of attacking is — you guessed — throwing bombs. He has a few different maneuvers for this, useful for solving a few puzzles: he can drop a bomb, roll it, or throw it. In his travels, Bomberman will also don different gadgets, including a snowboard, jetpack, and submarine. Each level has a point system, where perfecting it unlocks the real ending.

Bomberman Hero was released on the Nintendo 64 in 1998. It’s now available on the Wii on the Virtual Console.


Title: Milky
Game: Bomberman Hero
Composer: Jun Chikuma


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