Weekly Game Music: A51 (SSX Blur)

Hopefully some of you may recognize the Dutch mixer, Junkie XL. He has creating a ton of remixes of popular pop-music for SSX 3, but have also composed many original music for Sims 3 as well. Here’s one of his best works, A51 for SSX Blur.

SSX Blur is a winter sports game, where snowboarders and skiers pull off insane tricks.  As such, there isn’t much of a story behind it, other than some unimportant backgrounds about each character you play.  Regardless, style is the name of the game, and the entire SSX series have a lot of it.  All the art design, billboards, special effects, and even the character themselves gives a comical groovy/techno vibe.  To compliment the visuals is the excellent context-sensitive music.  Any dark or moody locations switches the music from an upbeat, feel-good music to a lower tone, mellow one.  Taking jumps will mute the music significantly, adding a dramatic drumbeat to make the moment count.  Sound is, of course, excellent as each character will both comment on themselves and others on their performance.

SSX Blur is, unfortunately, considered one of the lowest point in the series.  The majority of the complaints were the difficulty to pull of über tricks — elaborate tricks that requires you to draw on the screen via the wiimote — that turned out to be unsatisfying.  The lack of responsiveness in the controls were a big factor for some. Regardless, the fact that each course have many hidden shortcuts and multiple paths to take increases the replayability of the game significantly.  Added with lots of unlockables, this game will definitely keep many winter sports gamers satisfied for a long while.

SSX Blur was released for the Wii.  No other ports exist.


Title: Song For Dot
Game: SSX Tricky
Remixer: Space Raiders
Original Composer: Fats Domino
Comments: This is a remix of Fats Domino’s There Goes My Heart Again.


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